Furniture consists of 1 piece of 3-piece (2 modules with recliner mechanism, 1 piece of fixed module), 1 piece of 2 (2 fixed modules) and 1 piece in the Pristina Sofa Set. Optional motorized head is available and activated by moving with a fixed control connected to the arm. When the mechanism is opened, it extends 60 cm forward and lies 20 cm. The head is fixed and motor option. The motorized head can be opened 45 degrees. The materials used are of first class quality and offer ultra comfort with the use of 35 D 170 sponge and 350 gr fiber in the sessions. Nano-technological easy-to-clean fabrics with fabric types and Abrasion (MARTINDALE) test results of MONICA> 30000, CUBIC and IMERA> 22000, LEATHERSER> 5000 are used. You can also examine our products in our İnegöl Mobilyum Shopping Mall, MASKO, MODOKO and Ankara Siteler stores.

Sofa Content

1 piece of 3 (Recliner + Pawn + Recliner) + 1 Trio (Pawn + Pawn) + 1 Recliner It consists of a single.

Fabric Content

100% polyester fabric consisting of polyester textured yarn is used.

Fabric Feature

Soft textured imported knitted fabric is used.

Fabric Care

Nano technological wipeable fabric is used.

Function Feature

Recliner stand out It opens 55 cm towards the right and lies 15 cm.

Mechanism Feature

Mechanisms with motor connection and constant control.

Skeleton Material

Contra, Hornbeam and fir tree.

Seating and Back Softness

Soft and medium hard sponges are used.

Session Sponge

35 D 135 Sponge is used.

Back Sponge Heading Sponge

25 D Bird Feather Soft 25 D Bird Feather Hard

Foot Material

 Wooden foot

Triple Seat Size

214*95*97 cm


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